Why I Decided To Run

1) One of the reasons I decided to run, is the debt...come on... $17.075 Trillion us dollars in debt. The average American citizen needs to know what that really means.

This will affect everything in this country.

I read a survey that calculated how much debt the government has charged up and borrowed divided by the number of US citizens. This survey from February 2012, calculated that each American would have to pay back $54,000.00. Talk about being irresponsible with money. You don’t spend what you don’t have.

2) Another reason I decided to run, is it seems like this Government has turned into what ”WE The People” fought against.

3) I think we need to run our Government like a business, good times grow to our basic needs and in bad times economically down size and cut wasteful spending and certain non-essential programs... common sense.

4) I have been calling and e-mailing our congressman for both of his 2 terms just about every other week and sometimes once a week giving him very good bi-partisan ideas in which their office agreed. I offered my assistance in Washington with no resolve. Not one phone call! I know that with strong determination, we the people can fix many problems that exist now and what is in front of us...common sense.

5) Folks, there is a bubble in Washington, it seems like once they get elected, they are turning their backs on us. What is going on in Washington, I want to know!

6) How can they pass a bill without reading it and comprehending it first? That my friends, is just plain irresponsible.

7) There are so many unanswered questions on many things, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and IRS Targeting of conservative groups. What is going on in Washington? I think “We The People“ have had enough of all of it.  

8) I want to bring us all back together, sit down and act like adults, figure out what is the very best thing for our country and get it done the first time, the right way.

9) I want to talk about foreign relations. When 911 hit us, the whole world felt compassion for the US and by the time Washington got done, we had more enemies than friends. What did they do wrong? I can think of many reasons.

10) About foreign relations, we need to be nice to our friends and show the respect they show us. We shouldn't have to buy our friends. If they want good trade, so be it, but show us the same agreement. Our door should always be open.

11) Folks, we have the best creative products in the world, and we should always welcome creative ideas. It makes for good economics.

12) Securing our US borders is vital to our national security. We should know who is here legally, and who has not gone through the process. We need to enforce the laws that are already in place.

13) We need to support our American businesses and not over regulate them to death. They are our back bone and our JOB creators. If the US wants good paying JOBS, don't hurt our businesses, use common sense.

14) We need to be absolutely ENERGY INDEPENDENT!!! I don’t want some other country controlling our price index... PERIOD.

Folks, I gave 14 reasons to start that inspired me to run. I’m not a rich person, but just a man of the people from the people and for the people of this beautiful magnificent great nation called the United States of America.

Thank You...may GOD Bless You and your Family