No Amnesty - Protect The Borders

  • Obamacare or the affordable healthcare needs to be repealed and replaced with a healthcare plan that fits the needs of each individual. I want to sit down with health care professionals such as Hospitals, Doctors, Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies that produce medical equipment and talk to patients from all treatment facilities and their families as well. We need a fair comprehensible plan that is cost effective and also fair to the hospitals and doctors. Wouldn't it be nice to shop for health insurance like we shop for car insurance and get a plan that fits your needs.
  • Our Veterans deserve to be treated with the utmost care. What we put our veterans and their families through is very difficult. Imagine your loved one leaving for a year or more and then coming home with disabilities. These men and woman put their lives on the line for us and our way of life. Our Fantastic, Brave, Courageous men and women in our Military deserve to be treated with respect. They should have a medical card, allowing them to be treated in any hospital in America if the VA is overwhelmed in their area.
  • America's Debt, $17.75 Trillion and growing each and every second, adding billions to our debt. Do not touch Social Security and stop borrowing from it.
  • Stop rebuilding other countries with our tax money without getting something for it, Gold, Oil, free trade etc.
  • Stop giving our tax money to countries that don't like American's or America.
  • Who owes America money? Collect ! The IRS collects from the US citizens and our US companies, Collect from the countries that owe the US!
  • Cut non essential programs that over lap each other. There are programs that could be tabled until the economy picks up. We need to start cleaning up Washington.
  • Make House Resolution bills limited to 50 pages (one for each state). Keep House bills simple so that the average American can understand how our government is spending our tax money. Eliminate lame duck sessions.
  • Equal monies for all candidates, set new rules so that we have a honest government and not a government that is bought and paid for.
  • Bring our troops back to America to patrol our US borders.
  • Lower Corporate tax rates to keep companies in the US and to invite more companies to the US.
  • Enforce the immigration laws that are already in place.
  • We need to implement in the lease agreements with the Oil companies that the United States gets set price deals which put our prices at $30.00 per barrel or less and our Diesel and our gas prices at $ 1.50 per gallon or less. This will jump start our economy. We will start traveling more, spending more, saving more and I believe that the government will actually receive more revenue. Reverse Economics.
  • Start the Keystone project before the general election. Why put politics in front of jobs. The oil allowed from the pipe line should stay in this country and lower our fuel prices!
  • IRS targeting...any person or persons found guilty should go to jail.
  • Protect our Veterans and retired Veterans! Our Men and Women have put there lives on the line for us we must take care of them!
I have put forth these solutions to start and I have many more to come.