We have all had enough of this administration. Yes. "we the people" have had enough.

We have seen so much abuse to the people that infringes upon The Constitution.

This government has forgotten who it works has grown into a country of itself. They are out of control and when you have one man who does whatever he pleases without taking responsibility for his actions, then it is time for "we the people" to take action. Vote Them Out June 24th.

I am a friend to Israel

H.R. Bill 3547 - Tax and Spend

Our present Congressman just voted for Bill HR 3547 that funds Obamacare and increases our debt by 1.1 Trillion dollars and increases spending over $25+ Billion dollars in the next fiscal year. I thought we elected people in Washington to cut the credit card up, not give this administration another card to max out. Further funding is also being provided to the United Nations. This bill hurts the very men and women who fought to protect the freedoms we currently have. This bill cut the pensions of America's war veterans. Can you imagine cutting the pensions of our war veteran's and giving money to the United Nation's.

Maryland has the RAIN TAX
What is the difference ?

Foreign Policy
  • I am for the U.S. to stop policing the world.
  • Our troops are in over 150 countries; bring them back home to police U.S. borders.
  • We should draft trade agreements with every country our troops are in to help American businesses and our economy.
  • Police U.S. borders with troops and drones.
  • Illegal immigrants cost American tax payers over $30 billion dollars a year.
  • Stop anchor babies. Other countries’ citizens come here just to have babies so they can collect our benefits and pay nothing into it.
  • Stop handing out H1B foreign work visas- we have enough qualified workers here in the U.S.              
As a private citizen, I worked with a congressman and fixed a portion of the immigration problems. We know that Green Cards (permanent citizen ID cards) were disappearing from the US postal service. We learned alot of things about immigration along the road. One thing we fixed was priority mailing these cards to the recipients instead of regular mail. I have many ideas for immigration reform.

  • If you voted for Obamacare or you voted to fund any part of Obamacare, you are forcing a bill- Most Americans did not want and knew nothing about and still or never understand.
  • Don’t pass bills without reading them first- common sense.
  • Obamacare is killing jobs.
  • Stop Obamacare before this government gets too deep into our lives.
  • People lost their doctors and insurance rates went extremely high. The government keeps on misleading people about the Affordable Care Act when it is NOT affordable.

How can this administration turn its head away from the American families at their time of need?

I think if we could shop around for our own health Insurance like we can shop around for a car insurance nationwide, we could get the insurance that best fits our needs and that would create competition which would reflect on a cheaper price index. That would be one of the solutions to this crisis.
If you noticed, you don’t hear too much complaining from these insurance companies that Obama is handpicked. 

We cannot afford Obamacare!  

Didn’t our Congressman just vote to fund some of this Obamacare???

  • Our government should never be allowed to force anything on us that we, 85% of the population, don’t agree on.
  • Our government should never do anything that excludes them from, even taxes.
American Government Debt
  • Stop spending, cut up the credit card.
  • Get rid of discretionary spending.
  • Stop paying too much for everything.
  • Make countries pay us back.
  • Stop rebuilding other countries.
  • Repair or replace, or do we even need it” policy.
Crisis in Ukraine

U.S needs strong economic stands against Putin's power play. Russian pipelines are going through Ukraine to EU. That is why Putin wants to control Ukraine. Ask yourself why did Ukraine become an independent sovereign nation? Because people did not like and did not want communism. And let us not forget, former Ukrainian president Yanukovich lived like a king while his nation was starving. Putin's actions  in Ukraine will affect relations between US and Russia long after Obama. By invading Ukraine, this shows United Nations and the rest of the world that Russia cannot be trusted. Putin should let the Ukrainians establish and elect their own government.

Three years ago I called Andy Harris's office in Washington and quoted Henry Kissinger's importance of the future diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the United States. I asked Harris to contact State Department to take actions to increase diplomatic relations and trade agreements with Ukraine.

World Health Organization

I am in support of sponsoring the World Health Organization. The United States has the ability to help nations that need medical assistance. We need to show the world that America is a compassionate country and they should show the same compassion to us. We must think of our children, they are our future.