About Jonathan Goff, Jr.

I was raised in a middle class family that could not afford to pay for my college. So while I worked at Bethlehem Steel as a crane operator and instructor, I saved some money and went to CCBC  to study Business Administration and Economic Development. After 15 years of working for a Union, I decided to start my own Landscaping business.

At the beginning I struggled like everyone else. I worked very hard to be the best. As a general contractor, I supported the operations of John Hopkins hospital, Aegon Insurance Corporation, Target, Home Depot, Sports Authority and many other home owner associations.

Since I was a Union member and a business owner, I know what it's like to be both. I am from the People and for the People. I am FOR AMERICAN BUSINESSES, and I am a strong believer in the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and a protector of CIVIL LIBERTIES.

I am a property tax payer and have been for many years. I understand how hard it is to wait for one tax return just to pay another tax.

I am tired of watching so much wasteful spending in Washington with our tax money. There are so many ways for our government to actually generate a positive cash flow instead of just taking.

I have called many many times to our Congressman with so many bipartisan ideas and don't see any changes. You put me in Washington and I will do everything in my power to jump start this Nation back up on top. We need to create JOBS JOBS JOBS and lets get to work and make it happen!

I am tired of our Government borrowing money from China to rebuild other countries. We should help America first before we help other countries! Why should our kids and grandchildren pay for this Government's unlimited spending?

The Government is turning our country into two classes, rich and poor. America has an estimated 86,4% middle class. This administration is keeping investors and cooperations from coming to the US when we should be inviting them with open arms and good reason.

I am for moderation and simplification within infrastructure in our Government and to alleviate obsessiveness and overreaction.

I am for protecting our water, waterways and our lands from pollution. I was a landscaper and a waterman, so I get it.

May GOD bless you and may GOD bless our men and women of our armed forces and all of our families!